Link to another tab

It would be useful to be able to use “link to screen” to link to another tab (and its existing “homepage”).


@Jim_Parish Official feature requests happen here :slight_smile:

sorry for that!

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I didn’t see this in the Feature Requests app so I added it. My use case: I’ve built a tutorial that uses buttons to link to the next page of the tutorial (using Link to Screen actions). At the end of the tutorial, there isn’t a way for me to add a button for users to return to the home screen. Ideally, on my last tutorial page, I’d have a button that has a “Link to Tab” action that sends the user to the home screen.


Right! Same issue I had when onboarding…though now with tab visibility it’s addressed

For me, it is addressed at the initial tutorial upon app opening, but I want users to have access to the tutorial any time through the side menu. I’ve essentially added it twice so that the menu tab is revealed after the initial tutorial is done. That being said, completing this “2nd” tutorial creates the “link to tab” need that I described above.

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