Link images not showing in Inline list

I have a use case where I ask users to submit their image for various activities. However, when I do an inline list all the submissions, I notice that images do not show up for links from Facebook. They show up fine for links from Google drive…

Any suggestions to overcome this? Basically I would like people to share the link from there favorite platform, be it FB, IG or others.

Thank you.

Facebook images won’t work well, I had a client who did the same thing and her links expire in some days (because I believe each link generates a token that will expire).

Best thing is to host it on another site, let’s say have a Zap that checks for newly uploaded images and upload them to Imgur/Cloudinary etc then take the link back to update the row.

thanks Thinh.

it is going to be a BIG challenge as we will have many users. i guess in this case i ask them to get the link from their own google drive.

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