Facebook images not loading on carousel!

Hey Everyone !
The problem I am going through is for images . I have tried several ways but still stuck . The images I wanna display in my carousel in the app are not taking the photos from facebook so that the carousel could display the images properly . It does not even load a single image . Although the facebook link has been updated with images accordingly .

Open to every solution possible if someone could help out !

You might need to explain how you are fetching the images from Facebook.
Facebook usually requires authentication, so my guess would be that you’re not getting any images because of a lack of authentication.

As I was told , It has been working previously , but its somehow not displaying it now .

Okay, well I don’t think I can help you unless you provide some more information.

Image links from Facebook can expire after a while. Can you give us a URL example that isn’t working?

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.811764760209604&type=3 this is an example that was displaying before but now for some reason I have created my carousel and its not working

What component did you use that link with? Did you input that link straight into a component?