Link an inline list from one tab to multiple tabs

Hi Everyone,
I’m new here and I try to make an app for tracking monthly recurring apartment payments.

I made a tab for all months:

And 12 more tabs, one for each month, there I described each recurring expense, whether I paid it, the sum and a few more stuff.

I then made an inline list out of the months tab but when I tried to link the corresponding month from the inline to the tab, it always showed me the same month - I click on Jan, it shows me Jan. I click on Feb, it shows me Jan.

Please help me,
I’d really like to do this one

You should only have 2 tables here, one for the unique months as you show above, and one for all expenses. You categorize them by a “Month” column with a structure like this:

Month | Expense | Amount | Paid
January | Fix my car | 50 | TRUE
January | Buy a fax machine | 200 | FALSE
February | Buy a coffee machine | 500 | TRUE

Then make relation from the Calendar table to the Expenses table, make it a multiple relation, using the month columns from the two tables to relate.

The inline list you show will be the one from the Calendar table, with an action to view details screen. In the details screen, you show an inline list with the source being the month relation you created above (to show expenses).



Thanks for the help!
I tried your solution but for some reason I still don’t seem to be able to wrap my mind around the idea vs the implementation.

Say I have the below flow and pages:

For each month there are recurring bills with the monthly total expense
And in each of these recurring bills I have individual payments (which can vary)

I’m having trouble to make the shift from what I see in the screen to the data I have in the sheet.
And moreover, once I change a value for one of the months, I unintentionally change the value for all months.

Feeling frustrated from not being able to wrap my mind around this