Duplicate Tabs from duplicated Sheet

I’m working on making an app for economic management. I would like to create a tab for each month. I’m currently creating the new tab from scratch for each new month. Is there a way to copy a previous tab and reuse it automatically for the new month to be inserted? without having to recreate the tab from scratch since the sheet is identical to the month already loaded.



I don’t believe there is a way to duplicate the design and settings of an existing tab. Layouts are tied to sheets, so obviously a new sheet is going to have it’s open layout.

Is there any chance that you could join all of your monthly data into one sheet and then create multiple filtered tabs against that same sheet? Or redesign your flow with a new sheet that contains each month, which would allow you to drill down to the monthly data using relations?

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thanks for the reply, the idea is to have a detail of all the movements for each single month and a summary of the economic situation of each month. if you want I can give you (privately) access to the app to see how it is. thank you

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I’m looking to duplicate tabs as well! It would come in very handy for my app design.

I get what you’re say. I’m currently doing that for one tab and it makes the formatting extremely busy. So for the other tabs, I had to recreate it and just use the filter and visibility options. It’s a lot of duplicate work, tho. If I’m going to duplicate the work anyway, duplicating the tabs would remove a few steps.


Feature is now shipped :tada:

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