Limiting view when adding content

Hi, I’m editing this as I answered the earlier questions. I am having users enter data, but I want them to only be able to view their own data. I know I can filter by email, but I can’t count on them entering their own email addresses.

i’m using the compact layout for this app. Any help appreciated!

Hey I think I’ve answered the first two, I just don’t want to break things adding user privacy. Any guidance on that would be great.

To guarantee they use their actual email address, set your privacy settings to private with email. Auto enter the user’s email in the form. They don’t have to do anything. Then you can work on your security settings.


Thanks Tim, but how do I auto enter the email address?

Make them sign in with an email address. Since they need the PIN to access the app, they have to use a good email address. Once you have that you can use it to begin filtering.

As far as auto-entering their address - that’s a component that is only available in forms. Build the form that asks your questions, and use that as one of the components.

Tim, thanks. I seem to be getting a little stuck on forms so I just made a video showing what I’m seeing:

I was able to solve this without the form option. The regular components being added include hidden timestamp and email identifiers, so I’m all good now.

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