How to add content only for specific users?

Hi everyone! I am trying to build an app to enable my coaching program members to access their personalised plan from the app.
I would like to create a section “My plans” where each user would see link to access their Nutritional plan or their training plan? Other users shouldn’t be able to view plans from other users.

I think this might be feasible through “visibility” options but I can’t find the way to do it.
Any help on that? thanks a lot!

Deborah :slight_smile:

Depending on how you have things set up, there are several ways to approach this. If they all share the same rows, you can use User Specific Columns which will store values that are unique to each user in the same cell. If each user has separate rows of data, you can either use Row Owners (applied to an email column in each row) to secure data and make only their own data visible and only their own data is downloaded to their device. Or you can choose a less secure method and simply apply a filter ‘by signed in user’ to the data, which would filter against the email column in the row. We would need a better understanding of your app flow to say which is best, but those are your options.


@Jeff_Hager your second option seems to be just what I needed !!! I’ll try that right now !! thanks a looooot!

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