Limit of times per day to click a button and check the checkbox

Guys! Sorry I’m little bit upset and I’m begging a help, I’m trying to think the best solution.
I have a Social Program since the beginning of pandemic that helps people to pay your basic bills connecting who can pay. We already paid almost USD200K

Who pay a bill need to click a button to indicate it and the owner of bill receive an email. Right!
everything worked fine for 2 years. Now, some haters are clicking the button for many bills without pay.

I’d like to set a limit to press the button, for security reasons. No one pay more than 10 bills a day.
The haters are doing for over 100 bill with no reason.
Sorry for the outburst

So, trying to thing about, I have to create a field in the users table like limitofday and the timedate of the last date of press button.
When the user press a button in the any bill I have to check if the limit is lower than 10 and the date is the same, right?

Do u see another solution? I’m gonna try to do it. I’ll appreciate if you could give me a tip!
Tks so much!

yes, this is a good solution. Record clicks dates and user ID, then with the if-else column, check the dates and user ID, then with the rollup column, count today’s clicks… then another if-else column to check if there are more than 10.

Tks for your reply. The point is that I have to tables BILLS and USERS

When the user presses the button that PAID THE BILL, the actions of button is showing the BILLS properties and the limit of payments day is a property of user.

Do I have to create a relationship to bring this user field to bill fields in order to increment it?
The user clicks the button and associates this bill with your e-mail. After that, I have to check the # of Payments in that day. Right?

How can I do it?

I’m a little confused… can users pay bills only 10 times daily? How did it work?

Is someone paying someone else bills?

Today the user doesn’t have a limit. But historically no one has ever paid more than 10 bills. and I’m also wanting to put this limit because a malicious user ended up selecting 100 accounts without paying. So I want to leave this limit per day to avoid it. Even though I know that the next day I can select ten more.

Sorry I still don’t get it… why can they select 100 accounts? And why choosing… is affecting anything?

I can select millions of accounts… and unless I don’t pay, it should not matter anywhere

I’m thinking, since I have the email of who paid in several lines and the date of payment. Maybe I could create a field count all bills I paid today, for instance. When I try to pay the 11th I receive a msg of limit per day. But I don’t know I do it! Maybe using rollup field?

So you don’t want people to pay more than 10 times daily? Or select more than 10?

Suppose u want to paid and help someone. When you press the button that u paid a bill, I send a email to the owner telling that the bill was paid by someone. Right? It means u helped.

But I have a malicious users that is pressing 100 buttons and the app is sending 100 e-mails telling that the bill was paid but it was not! Because someone is playing ! Got it?

Hmmm… so they are not paying from the App? And you do not know if they paid? That’s why you have a problem with people claiming they paid.
In my Apps, only those who paid, get an email right after the payment is a success… Can’t you do that in your App?

Perfect! And why 10 times daily? Because over the past 2 yrs no one paid more than 10 even 6, in the same day.
And to avoid malicious someone select more that 10, he will have to wait another day but I could identify.

Yeap. The complain with me that they received a msg that bill was paid, but it was not! It´s frustrating

You don’t want to check who paid? It is not that hard… why limit sales? Just limit cheaters…

How do they pay? I can help you

I already know and record who paid. It´s working for 2 yrs. Now, as the project is being known these kinds of users are coming.

I don’t have the e-mail of them. only when I see in my dashboard that one e-mail paid over 130 bills in that day. For example, it happened today. this amount of accounts is clearly a malicious action that needs to be verified. So I block that email, but he has already created another one and does the same action.

oh, so you are fixing old records, that you did not have ID who paid?
How are you collecting payments, cash or credit card?

So that why I said. Since I have the table of bills and I have the times of I paid to someone. When I try to pay the 11th of that day, I receive a msg that I reached a limit of payment in that day.

What do u think?
So, I could count the # of bills that I pay in that day and check if it´s over 10. It´s easy to write but not to do. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong… i can help you with what you are asking, but I think is better to fix the primary problem, which is… that you don’t know who paid… that’s why they can click whatever they want.
You can track IP addresses and the System navigator to see who selects and block them if more than 10… but that will still give them chance of selecting 10 that they did not paid

No because It happened only in the last 2 weeks. In fact, u don’t pay through my app.
Here in Brazil, the bills has a code like a hash I can pay in any bank. So, backing to your example. U identified someone, copy this code of bill, pay in your internet banking of your bank and back to my app and press that button to indicate that the bill of that person was paid.

So, from now one, if a malicious users that I don’t know the e-mail until he presses the button, triy to pay more than 10, I send a msg that he has to wait another day.
Got it?

So, you do not accept payment in your App…

  • user is going to he’s online bank… making a payment, and getting a code?
  • then he enters that payment code into your App
  • then you send them an email without verifying the code? You just trust them that they paid?

I’m having trouble understanding the process.

Hmmm… or your job is to verify these payments… and someone is messing with you by sending tons of fake payments?

Dont worry! u r helping me. I’m from Brazil. Damn! While we r talking he created a new e-mail and selected 44 bills!
Let´s go back. Here in Brazil, the light bills have a code like a hash.
So u can give me the code of YOUR bill and I go to MY bank and pay YOUR bill using this code. Done.

My app is for people who could not pay their bills. So they share the codes of bills and another one, copy that code and paid for them. Yes I don’t verify, I trust in the people who pay. And it works during 2 yrs. Now, I believe it´s a hater is doing this. Clicking in the button of many bills randomly without pay. Automatically, these people send me an email complaining about it.