Limit in-app memory per user

Hi Gliders !
For each user in my app, I want to know how much memory they are using with their uploaded files.
The idea is to limit the amount of memory per user.
Does anyone know how can I do this ?

It’s supposed to look like this :
Groupe 3420

For this you would have to use an external automation service, let’s say Integromat, to connect with a third-party service to derive the file’s size and write back to the Sheet. You can later delete that file in the same scenario to save your Drive’s space.

I just checked my scenarios and see Google Drive does return a file size. I assume it’s calculated in bytes.


Thx ! I’ll test this ! And I’ll tell you back !

Would you please detail the process ? I’m not very familiar with Integromat.
And, how did you split the file link ?

The process should be:

  • Create a new scenario in Integromat with the first node being a custom webhook.

  • Create an “On submit” action in Glide (assuming you’re letting users upload files through a form).

  • In that “On submit” action use a webhook action, copy the webhook link in step 1, paste and save it with an easy-to-remember name.

  • Add a parameter for that webhook action and name it something like “File URL”.

  • Start a test run in Integromat, upload a new file and submit in Glide to send some data to the webhook.

  • Once the webhook’s first test is completed, add a Google Drive node in Integromat, choose to upload the file to a folder of your choice.

  • Add another Google Sheets node, connect it to the Sheet that is storing your app data, use a “Search row” action, find the row that has the URL matching with the URL from the Webhook.

  • Add a Google Sheets node, this time we update the row we find in the previous step, update the “File size” column with the “Size” number from Google Drive.

  • Finally, add a Google Drive module to delete the file you uploaded previously in the process.

If you struggle with this just let me know, you can share your app and your Integromat credentials with me privately so I can chime in and help during the weekend.


Nice ! Thx ! I’ll try it !

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Only for curiosity …

Have you noticed a loss of performance in your app?

Nope ! Actually, I’m working on an app like Dropbox. Basically, for this kind of app, limit memory per user is needed. But Glide doesn’t display the size of uploaded files yet. So, I was trying to find a way to do it !


I was not really confortable with Integromat, so I did it with Zapier !
It works well ! Thank you so much for the explanation :pray: !


If you ever wanted to change to Integromat and need help just tell us :wink:

Integromat provides much better price and flexibility than Zapier, in my opinion.


Ok thanks ! I keep it on mind ! :wink:

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