Last line in rich text not wrapping

I use a rich text field to compose an email.

In the preview screen, and once sent, the last line - i.e. my name - continues on the previous line:

2023-03-31 16_51_36-My OREC · Glide
2023-03-31 16_50_48-My OREC · Glide

I can’t manage to make the last line wrap!

How to replicate:
1 Use a rich text field.
2 Add some paragraphs of text
3 Preview that field in another form
4 Option: email with that field

Try 2 spaces and a carriage returns.

That’s worked for me in the past, but if that doesn’t work, you can always use an HTML line break </br>


Thanks Jeff.

I’ll try it, but I can’t bear to tell my app user’s for such a kludgy workaround! It’s like telling them only to only drive backwards to get to work. It’s a user form: they’d say “why?”

It’s a bug as far as I can tell.

I wouldn’t call it a bug. It’s the nature of how HTML works and has always worked since the beginning of the internet. It’s always been something to be aware of when working with HTML, because by nature it will eliminate any extra spaces.

One thing you could consider doing is create a Template column to wrap the content with PRE tags, which will display the text in a fixed width font, but will preserve spaced and line breaks as written. Like this:

Another thing you could try doing is set up a template column that replaces carriage returns with

tags so the user does ha e to do anything special.


Thanks Jeff.

I’m confused. My CRLF work fine throughout the body of the text. Only the last line doesn’t wrap (sorry if my screen shots weren’t separated to make this clearer - top was input, bottom was output). That’s why I thought it was Glide and not a general HTML issue.

I guess I could use a calculated field to replace the last CRLF with something that works…?

Edit: I suddenly thought - is it because the last para has a comma, then CRLF, then last para? Is the rich text or HTML treating that last para differently because it ends with a comma (guess I could test easily enough!)