Last comment

I want to get the date of the customer’s last comment.
Any ideas to help me with that?

count of comments is more than 50K

Have you tried using a rollup column?

First, how will I find the comment table?
It is very difficult to bring more than 50K comments from google sheet to Glide
Is there any other idea?

ahh, I see. App: comments.

What you probably want to do is create a separate Google Sheet, and then use a formula to pick out the most recent comment from each user. Then you can connect that sheet to your App.

I don’t know off the top of my head what the formula would be - it’s something I’d need to investigate.

Use the formula “array formula”

Hey @agung_Taufik

That’s a hidden tab. We cannot access it inside glide, only in gsheets

Just create a new sheet and insert this formula. Then use the new sheet as a tab in the app.

={'App: Comments'!A:Z}

After this, do what @Darren_Murphy said to count the comments:

And a Single Value column > Last > to get the last comment

Or simply reorder the comment component to newest first

@Lucas_Pires - I think the main issue is that the App:Comments sheet contains 50k rows, so it’s better to do the summary outside of Glide and then produce a smaller table with just one row per user, and then connect that to Glide.

I’m sure it would be possible to craft an array/query formula to do this. Although personally I’d probably just write a simple Apps Script function.

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MAXIFS at the user-level in the User’s table should work?

Oh yeah!

To display the last comment in a column in a Google Sheets spreadsheet in a particular cell, you can use the “INDEX” function combined with the “FILTER” function.

The formula to display the last comment in a column in a Google Sheets spreadsheet is as follows:


In this formula, “A2:A” is the column containing the comments, and the “FILTER” function is used to filter the non-empty values in that column. The “COUNTA” function is used to count the number of non-empty cells in the column. Then, the “INDEX” function is used to display the last comment by selecting the value at the position of the count of non-empty cells in the filtered column.

It’s important to remember that this formula only works if there is at least one comment in the specified column. Otherwise, it will return an error.

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Wouldn’t this only work globally? Say I have multiple users then to get each “last date” then that should be a bit different?

I got what I wanted, thanks everyone.

I used a pivot table on the comments page by using (max) to get the latest date.

Then in the data page I used this formula

=ARRAYFORMULA(VLOOKUP($A:$A,'App: Comments'!$I:$K,2,0))