Label on Rich Text

Hi everyone, just have a quick question, I’m not sure if I’m missing something easy or not.
Is there any way to have the first row (column header) as a label for Rich Text component, the same way that the Basic Text component does?

I don’t think there is a label for rich text, so you are not missing anything. Not sure why it’s like that. Seems reasonable to have one as you can choose to show the label or not on any other component.


Yeah, as @Jeff_Hager said not sure why they don’t have one. I guess since it is Rich Text you could simulate it as part of the body of the text anyway.

Somewhat related to this I did post a request Make the Notes caption on both edit and add like the other input captions

Thanks George and Jeff,

I could put the column header in the body of the text in each row, but it would be a lot of work and wouldn’t be very maintainable going forward, so I’m slow to do that!

Thanks again and I guess I can put in a request for it.

Not too difficult if you have a column that contains the text you would use as a heading in each row, a column with your text, and then a third column to join the values from the other two columns together with a formula. Do it once and you’d never have to worry about it again.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager - Still not exactly what I need, as the corresponding style of the header when done this way is different to the label that is rendered with the Basic Text - it just doesn’t look great in the app when alternating between Basic Text and Rich Text components.

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I’m having this exact problem. I need to create a bulleted list using a Rich Text component, but I’d like a label that’s styled the same as a Basic Text component. Have you found a work around?


I badly want to be able to toggle on showing the “label” for rich text fields. For my use cases - often my rich text content needs the context of a label. And I agree with everyone else who’s mentioning that the current solutions to add something that looks like a label are time consuming and convoluted.

Feel like a simple toggle on rich text components would do the trick? ie: Show Label?

Not sure if it helps, but you can use the following workaround using markdown. The header does not appear exactly the same than for basic text, but not so far :

  • first bullet point
  • second bullet point
  • third bullet point

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I second this. Would be great to have simple labels on rich text elements.