Labels in Bold letters

I am not able to figure out how I can make some labels in bold letter. I need Phone, About etc. to be shown in big letters, adding a colour will make it better.

Please help

Just an idea, you can use a rich text component for it. Use an ARRAYFORMULA to format it the way you like, with the help of markdown/HTML.

Can you tell me an example: like bold & yellow color?

Thanks for your reply.

As given in the image Phone is the column name which should appear in Bold, same way About is another column heading, which should come in bold and in Red colour.

I do not want user to add html codes in google sheet rows, I am talking about heading.

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Yeah I know, it’s a workaround because this feature is currently not available.

You can get the user to input as usual, then use a template column to add whatever format that is needed, then display it as a rich text component. That’s my point.

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Ok thanks a Lot

Only way to do this would be to have a different component. Make the text rich text instead and either use markdown to make the headers bold or add a component Above the text with your headers and make them bold.

Hi Jay,

I would like to add a video to demonstrate the 2 options you have to make this work.



Thank you very much, the example was amazing :).

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