Label Components by Filter/Visibility

Hey everyone! I’ve been using charts a LOT lately and have run into an issue that when generating reports with a number of different filters I am left with a LOT of charts and no easy way to tell the difference between them unless I work on them in a specific order. Lord help me if i leave an app for a few weeks and come back to it. I propose a way to label our components that would make it easier to see what they are filtering or when they are visible at a glance…


Hi @Jonathon_Kohn,

As a stop gap, although somewhat inefficient, you could add a text field above each graph and then change the visibility to some always false condition. Then fill the text to give a “title” to the graph immediately below it. It would allow visibility in the editor only in the component list, but would not show up in “runtime”.

Until a time that such a feature exists, I have used this myself to help organize components that don’t have any of their content visible on the page level.