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So I’m working on an app so my Forestry supervisor can track our city’s mow sites. (There are about 800 sites he’s responsible for, and we have them broken down my groups or “blocks”). I put this together for him, but he’s asking me to simplify it for the contractors.

Specifically, he’s looking for: dates>blocks>reporting mechanism/result (like a checkbox & date picker)

I am absolutely flummoxed. It seems to me this should be stupid simple, but I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around the table structure to make this work. Can someone please point me in a direction. Like I said, I know it’s stupid simple, but I’m spinning my wheels here.


Looking at it now. Rockford, eh? My wife and I are from Kane/Dupage County.

Nice area. I have a friend who lives in Elgin.

Didn’t clearly understand what exactly is the requirement? Could you explain?

He’s looking for a list of dates - when you open the date, you’ll find a list of blocks, open the block - a checkbox and date picker to say they have completed the work.

Wouldn’t this be similar to my multi level select example? Just with some additional filtering and every components on the detail screen?

You know, it might. Let me take a look at that again. Thanks @Jeff_Hager.

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