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Work in progress but some 45 plugins already manipulated on a single row. Basic stuff but some pitfalls you might want to avoid.

There is a hidden tab (Some complex work in progress so will be adding and amending). Please feel free to make a copy.

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I’m especially interested by the Date/Time Plugins (tricky in French/European format and Time Zone) to understand the limits without JS


Brilliant - this is an incredible reference resource. Thanks! :star2::star2:

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Wiz thank you so much for this, it’s brilliant!!!

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That’s an inspiring idea.
As an instructor, I’m considering designing myself such sample app as my own memento best practices and that could serve at the same time as a takeaway to help newbies learn in a very modular way. When I’ll be good enough next year.

Too bad Glide doesn’t include (like HCL Domino) sth to notify copies of your app that the master has been updated to help and trigger the updates. And only the updates, not the entire app. And only the updates we want, while keeping our own customizations untouched.
To merge the 2.
As we want.


I wasn’t avoiding the date time query.

I have serious reservations about the Text to Date Plugin. It is letting me do stuff I should not be able to do such as converting digits into month when under 12 but switching to days when more than 12. This is beyond weird behaviour on its part. I’ll have a few examples in the plugins app. For now and until such time as the plugin is fixed I’m manipulating JS getUTC with other date time plugins. I have added some notes but you won’t see anything on your copy (your second thread :thinking:)

Even though I have not yet put the advanced manipulations on a tab (work still in progress) all the JS date time returns are there (check advanced manipulations in the editor). You can always get JS to get you your local time without doing a single time offset calculation. There is an explanation on the basic manipulations tab at the very bottom on how to go about it but in glide we need 3 JS columns for that, so it’s not worth the trouble.

I’ll be back soon - need to get these manipulations out of the way.


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I know, “Moon Wizard” :slightly_smiling_face: It takes time to be seriously thorough and show sth operational with some “smart if possible workable reproductible explanations” (though “magic” can be nice too). With all the clues you and others already shared about Date/Time and TZ issues and JS workarounds, I’m more than welcomed to search & find solutions in the right directions whether people answer and also when they choose not to. So thks and really, take your time and enjoy the fun of R&D. Everything you could share is bonus to me. I can always manage to make the most of it. Even if I don’t react immediately.


I have added some regex under advanced manipulations for extracting names from a cell containing a person’s full name.

Suppose you have the following user name:

• Adam John Smith (full name)

Breaking it down:

• (1) Adam (first name);
• (2) Adam John (first and middle name);
• (3) John (middle name); and
• (4) Smith (surname)

Now picture instead of Adam, the first name or title was:

• Damé (notice the accent):

Next, picture you had this username list:

• Adam John Smith (first, middle and surname)
• Mary Robinson (just the first and surname)
• Helen (just a first name)
• Damé Samé Gamé (Accented first, middle and surname)

The latest work shows how you can extract all these names in any order, and all the pitfalls to avoid when trying to extract matching names. If you have any suggestions, please mention them here, and I will add them for the benefit of others.
Hope it helps