Hello From Grassroots Wisconsin

Hi Glide People, I’m running for local office on a shoestring. I want to develop an app for canvassing. I know people have done this before. I’ll start searching. If you can shortcut my search by linking me to resources, I would appreciate it! Thank you.

:wave: Welcome to the forums! We’re happy to help. If you get stuck at any point in time, feel free to reach out!

Hi there :wave: Welcome to Glide and the community forum. Have fun learning and don’t hesitate to ask, there are no silly questions, quite the contrary.

I haven’t looked, but you might find something to give you a kickstart in the Template Store

Welcome! What are you hoping to accomplish with your canvassing app? Just a record of what addresses you’ve already reached out to?

Every time I see that, I’m reminded of a guy I worked with about 20 years ago. He ran the engineering team, and was your stereotypical geeky developer type… “Just leave me alone and let me get on with my job!” Whenever somebody would approach him and begin with “Sorry to ask a stupid question, but…” he would immediately interrupt and retort with “There are no stupid questions! Only stupid people!”

Cruel, but funny.