Electoral College

Hi, I made my way to glideapps from a code writer who told me that this is the best place to build what i had in mind and that all the elements to build it was here. I was wondering which is the best template or if it is even possible to use this app or a template here to build what would amount to as a tracker for the electoral college during an election year.

I just need it to have each state and how many votes they are worth

i need to be able to click each state and make it the corresponding color or name representing the candidate who won it

I need it to add up the votes from each state and show what the tally is as states are added

This sounds like a fun (and doable!) project. Hit me up if you want assistance with this.

It could be a huge project… I was thinking about this days ago casually. In many countries including mine, that App could be used easily and sold many times.

I will be watching this post frequently to give ideas and be updated.


Are you looking to automatically aggregate date, it would you enter it manually? Sounds like it would be pretty simple, especially if you are handling data entry yourself.

Here’s a version I started with Cloudinary magic:


Hehe, I was tempted to suggest cloudinary and even looked for some existing examples, but I didn’t think anybody would want to mess with that many layers and a url that long.

It’s a LOT of layers lol…URL isn’t that bad though…template column.

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@Jeff_Hager…getting closer!

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Dang, you’re persistent. I assume you’ll do the county level next, right? :wink:

Tomorrow…THE WORLD!!! Mwahaha.

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Hello, My sincerest apologies for the delay in reply. I’ve been busy, but that is no excuse. I had a guy from FIverr.com working on it, but to be honest it is nowhere near as glorious as what you have displayed thus far. I would like to discuss a few features and pricing of this app if you’re willing. You can reach me at Larrydornell@yahoo.com