I am creating a voting app i need help

i am creating a voting app which users submit a form to my vote sheet(they find the form button on my candidate sheet)
how do i stop multiple voting

Create a template column and fill it with user profile email. Then create a relation to the form response sheet by user email. If a relation is found, hide the button.

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i will try this out now thanks

how will i fill the template column
is it in my votes sheet???

The template is in the candidate sheet.

but the tab is based on the candidate sheet

Did you try it?


Does the template column in the candidate sheet have your email in it?

it has only the email of the candidate
email of voters are taken to the votes sheet

Show me where you created a template that pulls the signed in user’s email from the user profile sheet. Why would it not show your email?

ooh it was siigned in user


well now it does but how to hide the button

Set visibility to only show the form button if the relation is empty.

but the relation is in the voters sheet not candidates

Create it in the candidate sheet

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ALSO @Jeff_Hager how can i calculate votes for a specific user

there is a littile problem @jeff_hager if i vote for you i can not vote for another person for a different position