Create Voting System using Button Bar - possible?

It should be possible to create a side-by-side voting button using button bar. But how can I style it to show votes?

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You want to include the vote counts in the button labels?
You could do that by using a template column.


Would anyone be kind enough to illustrate? Newbie - don’t know how :frowning:

Yes, I can create a demo for you.
But first, would you want to restrict it so that each user can only cast one vote?

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In theory, yes. But it’s not a deal breaker. For now it’s mostly aesthetic.

Here you go…

You can make a copy of it. Let me know if any questions.


Thank you Sir.:beer:

Hi, could you please make a tutorial or explain how to do this?

That app is copyable. You can copy it back and try to re-do it on your own. If you have questions during that process, feel free to go back here and we’ll answer your questions.

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