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Hi everyone,

I have been working on my new app, and wanted to add a voting system button like the one from Product Hunt:

I have seen some videos about a review system with star (ie Glide: Create your own 5-Star (or whatever) Rating Component - YouTube) but I want to implement something simpler which let users (logged in) vote by clinking on a simple button. The app will show the number of vote within this same button.

I have search among the last community discussion, but couldn’t find anything related to this.

Many thanks for your help

Would you want a user be able to upvote multiple times, or only once?

Only once that would be the ideal scenario

All you need is a column to hold the total count and a user specific column to hold a numeric value. On the button, add a new combo action. The first action will be to increment the total upvote count. The second action will be another increment action increment the user specific column. Before both of those actions, you will add an if condition to only perform the increment actions if the user specific column is less than 1.


Something like this?

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I think this might be my next video series…has a lot of useful features in here…onboarding, upvoting, compound actions, tagging w/ related posts, etc. What other features should an app like this have?


That’s exactly what I’m looking for @Robert_Petitto !
Tagging looks also interesting.
Apart from that, I’d be looking for a Follower/Followed feature, that will spread a specific feed depending on whom you are following.

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