Voting once per person

How can I make a voting button that can be clicked only once per user?

What are they voting on?
A list of things, or just one specific thing?

In general, you want an action that sets a column value when they vote, and then hide the voting button once that value is set. It could be a user specific boolean column, or it could be a column in the user profile. Depends on the exact use case.

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You can set up two columns, one called Total Votes (numerical), and one called User Voted (Boolean & User-Specific).

Set vote button to a custom action.
If User Voted does not equal true, then Increment Number (write 1 in the Total Votes field).
Else, Increment Number (write -1 in the Total Votes field).

This is way a user can vote and unvote as many time as they want, only ever contributing nothing, or 1 to the total Total Votes.

This is my method at least :slight_smile:



Hi @Cameraville
It works well for me!
Thanks a lot!

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