HELP! Service Request App for Nonprofit

Hi all… I’ve built an app that our nonprofit has been trialing. All was going well and we were getting ready to launch it to all our service recipients. We noticed that new requests were getting bundled with old requests. I went to resolve the issue and in the process have created a mess for myself. Is there anyone who consults or might be willing to help me get this thing back on track?

For context… one of the services we offer is a monthly diaper distribution benefiting approximately 250 children each month. The app is intended to streamline the request process for caregivers, create a historical view of service deliveries, impact, and utilization data for both the recipient and our staff, and eventually serve as a hub for families to participate in other programs and services (for now, it’s just diapers tho).

It’s the most ambitious app I’ve built with Glide. I’ve made check-in apps for events we’ve done. I made a conference app and we’re building out a community map to highlight valuable service providers in underserved communities.

If anyone is available to help, I’d be deeply grateful!

Hi @Randall_Nichols! Send me a PM and I’d be happy to help you out. It would probably be next week though.

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