Simple and Minimalist To Do App

Hi everyone :wave:,

This afternoon I built a to-do app from my phone, check it out!

I wanted to showcase what is possible with Glide, and minimal resources (just a phone and 4G).

Hope you like it and looking forward to your feedback if any


Very nice! Would be great if a push notification could be configured on the Due date.

Will look into that!
In the meantime, you can set up a Zap with Zapier that will add events in your Google calendar everytime you add a due date to a to-do (I think that’s the road I would go down).

@Karim Thanks for posting this. I’m not sure how that inline list of style of checklist got by me. Also nice use of the new unique key feature.


@George_B thanks!
Yeah I saw the inline list checklist style posted on the Glide Twitter and that’s how I got the idea for this app.

Very cool idea!

Would you be open to allowing copies of this app?

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Yes absolutely that’s why I checked the option in the settings to allow anyone to make copies of the App.

If you are on mobile you need to visit the app link but in desktop mode

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@kyleheney He already did.

Whoops forgot that link only appeared on desktop

I translated in Dutch and added some images.and of course mentioned the orginal!


I’d like it as well.

When something impresses the experts I know that I have a whole lot more studying to do. Thanks for sharing.

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Just open in a desktop browser and click on the copy app button.

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