Idea Archives App, when ToDo app is too complicated

Before I met Glide, I always wrote any idea that came up on my brain to a google sheet from my mobile phone, which has very small input box and I can’t even elaborate my idea in multiple lines

On Google Sheet, I need to create a new sheet each day, and put each of my thought within the day on each row, such a hassle

Another way will be to use todoist or other todo app to write each idea, but to organise it properly, I need to manually enter a due date, which I tend not to do, and the list easily get messy

But then I met Glide :tada: So I create a very simple app that suits my needs

I’m abusing Glide calendar layout on this one :grin: This way I can easily keep track of my thoughts in chronological order, down to the minute.

And even better, to record my thought, I just have to fill 1 input field, or a photo if I want. Now I can structure my thought in multiple lines and emoji, which wasn’t possible on Google Sheet alone

I created a simple template here:

Big thanks for Glide Team that let this thing born in less than 6 hours of work, Glide is insanely good!