Looking for a organizing/tracking/task/notes tool

Hi Gliders,
Maybe a very different question and I was not sure in what category it could fit.
Right now I am working on a new Glide app.
For myself, I started in Google Keep with a checklist.
So far, this worked okay.
But now I would also like to place notes or remarks.
But once you start with a list, you cannot add notes.
So, I am looking for something that is easy, quick to use, and if can, then also could be used on my smartphone.
It also would be nice if it were something free. :slight_smile:

Maybe there are not so many of us that are looking for something like this, but perhaps someone has some ideas or suggestions.
Everything is appreciated.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with the tool called Notion? That could be an option.



@nathanaelb, Thanks for the tip. I know Notion and use it now and then. (More than then now :wink: )
I did not think of that but I could try to see what I can do with it :slight_smile:

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The program (Wunderlist) was bought out by Microsoft. They have not significantly improved it, but also have not ruined it. You can keep multiple lists, and put in “steps” and notes on each “task”. You can assign a completion date for a task or not. It is now called “To Do”. You can even attach files – which can then be deleted or moved from your PC. The Microsoft To Do app is a free download for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. I even use it to keep track of what to cook for dinner – including the recipe!