Keeping track of Apps Script total daily execution time

For those that use Apps Script and are concerned about daily quotas (@gvalero), this may be of interest:

I’ve started implementing it across my projects - works very well :slightly_smiling_face:


Gracias @Darren_Murphy !!

Very useful the tip and scare the new daily quote :upside_down_face:

The problem here (in my case) is how long the external server lasts to response and give the data requested, my script (I think) is simple and doesn’t have too many lines.

I have another script which retrieves data from an external MS SQL Server reading almost 400 registers and write them to my GS, my script lasts 5-7 sec (average) although I have seen some performance spikes between 14 and 20 sec. The internet upload speed used by my customer should be the bottleneck here but this script runs only 6 times per day so the problem isn’t so big so far.

Thanks again for this advise, have a night nice!


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