App 30 minutes delay!

Hi Everyone,
I am on PRO version, and I have 30 users inputting data simultaneously into this app. (email log in)

I then noticed after people submit data there is nothing showing on the app. When I look at the google sheet, I learned that the delay is about 30 minutes. (because I have a timestamp on each person’s entry).

Is there anyway to fix this delay?



30 minutes is crazy. So you catch a timestamp when users input the data, and while they do it at the same time, some don’t appear until 30 minutes later?

Exactly. They are still input on the app, and my local time is now 4:41PM, and the last time stamp is 4:04. the delay grew 7 more minutes from my first post. the good thing is that all the data is in the queue somewhere in the cloud.

I need a fix please :slight_smile:

That’s a big delay. I think you should contact support for this to see if there are any problems under the hood.

Also, your users are all in the same timezone, right?

That is correct! thanks for your advise :slight_smile:

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