12 hours to finish syncing

My app is used by 30 people at exactly the same time each week, for 15 minutes. In that time there are over 1600 entries tapped into the app. This data takes at least 12 hours to arrive in the spreadsheet. If I upgrade to the Pro version, will it reduce the time it takes? I see that the Pro version features background syncing but not sure if that would solve my issue?

The problem is that the data being entered is student laps. Students are very eager to see their results after each run but they are not there until the next day. In fact, their laps will often disappear temporarily as the app will show the amount the have run that day, and then reach out to the spreadsheet for an update. The sheet will still be holding the total from the previous week, so it tells the app to show that number instead (so the total shown on the app reverts back to where it started that day). It’s all fixed up eventually but it’s not ideal.

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I don’t think it will solve the issue. You are trying to write too many rows at once, I had this issue before and believe using Glide Tables is the only way to make it more reliable.


Try to make 30 duplicate apps, to give to each student. And create a master sheet to join and sort data farm each app

@ThinhDinh thanks, didn’t think it would but good to know.
@Uzo that’s a great idea, I imagine that it would work. 30 separate apps and sheets probs a bit too much to manage though

Not really, just 30 copy formulas in master sheet :slight_smile: or one long one
And you should see data from all in 5 seconds

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I’m definitely going to try that for next year’s cohort when we start the running all over :+1:

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But remember that free app have only 500 rows, you might want to create calling function to populate only part of data at the time

500 rows should be plenty because each new lap writes over the same cell. The rows used does not increase at all each week. Sheet edits will be more of an issue though. Hopefully 1000 per month, per class is enough

Ohh… i see… than you dont need 30 deferent sheets, just 30 apps… no… each app will create separate spreadsheets, so you need some clever formula to join them. Probably each cell gonna need a timestamp, and then filter the latest one

wait…so if each app feeds into the same sheet the syncing issue will be solved? Can one master sheet simultaneously upload 1600 edits in 15 minutes?

I think it should do it in seconds not minutes, merging data will be done in Google sheets, and they are fast, just dont use query or filter… base everything on vlookup

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When I duplicate an app I can choose to keep the same sheet. If I make 30 duplicates, I could have them all link to the same sheet. But the question is whether this actually speeds up syncing from app to sheet or not…

If your app isn’t overly complex, then I’d consider rebuilding it with Glide Tables. Then the sync issue goes away.


I think you will have the same problem, but i never test that option…it have to be separate sheets and merge them in master sheet, or do all data in glide tables… but then you won’t have comfort of Google sheets to play with it.

The app is fairly simple but the spreadsheet is where the laps are viewed by everyone. It’s much easier for a class to sit in front of a TV looking at the data there than have a teacher hold up their phone. The sheet also lets them compare stats across classes, and uses formulas to give badges for achievements etc.

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