Glide is making my google apps scripts too slow to run

After connecting my (fairly large) google sheet to glide apps, the google apps script I have connected, has become too slow to run.

Some of my scripts adds data to the sheet line by line, and they are noticeably slower. (i see the lines appear in the sheet 1 line every 1-2 seconds now and before it was more like 2-3 lines pr. second)

This is mostly just a quality of life issue and I could deal with that.

The main problem is that I am using a big data import script that imports data trough an API and that script times out, reaching the 6 min google sheet limit, as long as the glide-app is published and synchronizing.

As a test I just unpublished my app and tried to run the script, and that apparently did make some difference as it did not time-out this time, but it could just have been a lucky coincident.

Does it sound plausible that it is glide the is making my google apps script take so long to run? And are there anything I can do to solve this, besides breaking my scripts down into smaller scripts and/or running my scripts from another google sheet and then importing the data to the glide connected sheet?

How big is “fairly large”? How many columns and rows are in that sheet?

I doubt that Glide’s synchronization would have an effect on his Google Apps Script, does the sync process have anything in relation to a separated script?