Keeping a checkbox checked


I am creating an app that encourages residents in my area to explore local bike trails. I have a group of business sponsors that will help promote the app. Each of these sponsors is offering a special to app users who visit their place of business. I’d like to offer the capability for an app user to mark a checkbox once they’ve visited a sponsor and taken advantage of that sponsor’s special offer. However, I want to make sure that an app user doesn’t take advantage of a sponsor special more than once. Is there a way to keep a checkbox marked once it’s tapped, regardless of it’s tapped again? In other words, can you set a checkbox to always be true after it’s tapped once? If so, how would this be set up?

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You could use a visibility condition to hide the checkbox once it’s been checked, and set up an If-Else-Then column with text that says “Visited” if the checkbox column is checked, and show that with a visibility condition only when the checkbox is checked.


Thanks for your reply, David.

I’m confused as to how this would be set up. Can you explain in more detail?


I think the bigger issue here is how you are letting people “tap” the checkbox? Would it be checked just by users, or should it be done exclusively by admins? What if I take advantage of an offer and then never taps it in the app? Would you be able to verify that I have taken the offer if I try to do it again?

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The checkbox would be checked by users or possibly a sponsor’s representative. This app will be used by people who are biking or walking, so the ability to check the box has to be given to the user. Users will be required to show their mobile devices with the app displayed to receive the sponsor offer.

The visibility conditions are on the “options” tab.

Here I have a button (not a checkbox) that is visible only if the If-Then-Else column “is checked” (that is, resolves to “true”).


Here is a column that checks for the value of another column and uses an English phrase as the result.

Then the contents of this column can be displayed on the screen, but we may only want to display it if the contents of the column are “Completed” – your condition would be if the Checkbox column “is checked”



Hi, David:

Thank you for explaining in more detail. It’s been a big help!