Preventing a Value from Changing in a Checklist

Hello, Fellow Gliders!

I am creating an app that will help people discover points of interest along bike trails in my community. I have points of interest set up as a checklist with the point of interest’s name appearing next to the check box.

Right now when I tap to check the box, the point of interest’s name disappears and is replaced by the value “true.” When I tap again to uncheck the box, the value changes to “false.” When I look at my data table where the points of interest are stored, I notice that the points of interests’ names where checkmarks were placed are changed to say either “true” or “false.”

What I want is when a user taps the checkbox, the box checks or unchecks but the name of the point of interest doesn’t change. What do I need to do to the checklist to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Thanks for your input!

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You need a new colomne for the checkbox.

Thank you for your response. However, this is still unclear to me. Can you please explain in more details?


You are pointing the checkbox to the same column that contains the name of the POI. Check the configuration for your list. You should have a separate column in your table that is used for the checkbox value. Preferably that column should be a User Specific column. Then change your list configuration to use the correct column.


Thank you, Jeff, for confirming my suspicions on setting this column up as a User Specific column. Your solution will help me move forward with my project!


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