Checklist Deletes Data

I’ve scoured the topics but found no match:
I just encountered an annoying bug(?) where I tried the checklist format, checked off the first four titles to see how it would look, went back to my sheet and saw that it had deleted the links (my only record) leaving only ‘FALSE’ in their places. I undid my app until it reached the point where I switched to the checklist format only to find it was grayed out and could undo no more. Same with my google sheet. I could not undo. Thankfully, I realized that I didn’t really want or need that sheet so I just conceded to the event. However, if it was important data that was irreplaceable, I would’ve been horrified.

For future reference, is it something that I did wrong? I am avoiding all checklists until then.


You need to select a column to hold the check true/false value. You had it set to overwrite the link column instead of having it’s own value. You have to specify which column is updated by the checkbox.

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Thanks, Jeff.
I’ll know for next time.

Maybe some safeguard for maroons like me who accidentally delete their data?
Like a: “are you sure you want to do this?” sort of dialogue box?

Thanks again,

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