Kanban order


I was wondering if there’s any way we could get a read-only Kanban.

The usercase is: the office workers edit the kanban. In the shop, workers should see the kanban (with the right card orders) but can’t edit it.

I tried some things.

I first setup a kanban for the office but usual collections in the shop (4 columns like the kanban). It partially works but I can’t get the right card order (the save order column can’t be sort properly, apparently).

I tried two kanbans. The one in the shop can be setup with a computed column (a template copy) has the “Group by”, this prevent being able to change cards from being slide into other columns. But I can’t do the same thing with the “save order” has the column has to be editable. Than the workers in the shop can change the order from within a column (and we don’t want that!).

Any idea?

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(Would be cool if we could use the Save order column!)

Agreed!!! I’ve asked for this too!

My Kanban Wishlist:

  1. Just like how we can add permissions per column in the data grid component, I want the same for the Kanban component. I’d like to only allow my clients to add/edit cards within a particular group, not all of them (or none of them making them read only).

  2. More importantly, I’d love a way to prevent users from dragging cards between groups unless a certain condition is met (like swipe in Glide Apps…again, making it read only).

  3. Trigger action upon drag/drop Please and thank you.