Conditional access to Drag and Drop in Kanban

Hi guys, please
How do I disable the drag and drop feature in component kanban

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You can’t unfortunately. If you’d like the order or categories to remain the same for everyone, you may consider using a similar Cards layout & adjusting the “Group” setting under “Options”.

I asked for this feature over a year ago…still no update. Changing this post to feature request…please vote.

We need:

  1. Conditional access to reorder within a category
  2. Conditional access to drag/drop between categories
  3. Actions upon switching categories



Yes, this is a huge problem that I am currently facing in my project, and I don’t know how to get around it.

Because I need to recording and take some data when switching between categories, but drag and drop just messes that up for me.

Any ideas to disable it?


Came to the forums for the first time in a while to request this feature. I’m very surprised the ability to re-order and move cards is not effected by the Allow Edit toggle. Ideally, they would get their own permissions with conditions, but at the very least I would expect disabling edit access would prevent them from moving columns.

I know! Vote people!

is this still not a feature? :disappointed_relieved:

There is a workaround. Duplicate the column you are using for grouping using a template column, and set that as your Group By field in the Kanban configuration.