🗂️ Glide Pages: KANBAN Component!

:laughing: The Kan of Ban

In this video, I showcase and explain how to set up the new Kanban Collection component.


“Allow inline editing” : :exploding_head: I cannot believe we can now build Kanban boards!


Woooho this is by far the killer component for pages

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Hi @Robert_Petitto

How this can useful.Any real time example.
Please explain with some scenarios.

Hi @Manikandan_R

Kanban boards are used in manufacturing and business (originally developed by Toyota for its Toyota Production System) to visually manage the progress of a project. They are used a lot in tech startups, product and development teams use them, and so do other teams such as marketing.

Imagine you have a project, sub-tasks, and a few people working on these tasks. With kanban, in the physical world, to manage this project and these tasks, the idea is to create what’s called a “kanban” white board, with columns that represent the status of the task (for example: backlog, to-do, doing, waiting, done), and you can use post-its to represent each task. You could assign a different color post-it for each team member. (You can get fancy by adding description on the back of the post-it, due dates in one corner of the post-it, a “category” in another corner, etc. but these are optional.)

When a new task lands on your desk, you create a post-it for this task and put it in the backlog (or inbox) column, this way you don’t forget it and it is ready to be considered at one point. With your team, when you decide it is time to work on that task (teams will meet at set intervals, daily to review active columns, maybe weekly or every two weeks to review backlog and done columns), that task and its post-it is moved to the to-do column. When the person is actually working on it, it is moved to the doing column. Once done, if the task needs review, approval or is dependent on another, it is moved to the waiting column. And finally, when done and approved by the team lead, the task is moved to the done column.

This white board system (whether physical or digital) allows one given team member, as well as the team lead and everyone else in the company to have a quick overview of projects and the advancement of the tasks.

Different teams work with different columns types and names. But hopefully you get the general idea.

Instead of using a physical board, you could also have a digital board. Trello is a famous kanban solution, though other solutions such as Asana, Jira, Notion also offer this.

And now Glide does too, as a component! Kanban in Glide is a huge feature.

(good 5-minute video on kanban boards)


Thanks for the information.very useful.

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@nathanaelb is a KanbanNerd™ :metal:


Thank you for this explanation. I have learnt something new today. :clap:


Loving how you use the Make Array to combine filters like that. Awesome idea!


Ya—lot’s of uses for Make Array…probably warrants its own video and discussion post/thread.


Very helpful showcase, @Robert_Petitto!
Wondering if you were able to find out what the issue was with the cards bouncing back?

@Robert_Petitto I am experiencing a weird behaviour when I move a card it creates a list where it adds the letter v or uz, did you experience this ?

I believe this is the “Order” column for the Kanban lists. It is necessary for the list to function correctly, but its values are basically arbitrary and can be ignored. What I’ve been doing is setting up a separate"Order" column in my data that starts empty. It fills itself with the odd values when I start moving things around.


What @kyleheney said :point_up:

That worked I created a column specific by user and its working

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@George-Glide @SantiagoPerez Can’t we have a an action manager that can be trigger when a card is moved ?


Killer :fire:


That sounds really good.

Please, create a feature request.

Is there any way to retrieve the order of items in the kanban?

I’m looking to use this as a ranking system for users to rank their favorites, but I cant find a way to retrieve the order of elements. If anyone knows another solution to this, I would be grateful.

Neat usecase…at the moment, there isn’t a way to grab the card order…not sure if this is in the roadmap… @mark?