🗂️ Glide Pages: KANBAN Component!

Can I block or prevent users to move cards between kanban columns? I just want the kanban as a view only.

Hi Eddy. I’m not sure what you want is possible, since the whole point of kanban is the ability to move cards easily across columns.

If you only need 3 or 4 columns with equal width, you can now set columns in the general options of containers.

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I’ve been able to accomplish this — I can move cards up and down inside a column, but can’t move cards from one column to another.

I think the trick is to the set the category as a computed column that pulls the data from a different source — in my case, my Category is a lookup column. This means that if I were able to move a card from column A to column B, I’d be changing the result of the Lookup, which doesn’t make sense because it’s coming from a different table.

It’s not completely static, as you can still move cards up and down within a column. For my case though, my columns are categorized by User, so one user can’t move an item into another user’s list, they can only move things within their own column.


That’s neat!

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