Kanban template


I’m currently re-doing my App to be Pages and as a part of the project management feature within I would like to use the Kanban feature.

Can you help direct me to a template with that feature in the library, if in fact there is one? As I am a visual kinaesthetic learner I’d like a template if one is available.

Thank you, cheers


It is a relatively new component so I’m not sure there is one yet.

@Robert_Petitto had a really good video about it, though.

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Thanks for the shoutout. I just finished a template that I’ll submit to the store this evening. Hopefully it gets approved by the weekend/early next week. I’ll post here when it’s available.


Awesome…thank you


This is awesome, thank you.

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A simple Kanban Project Tracker template is now available.


Hey @Robert_Petitto !

I can’t find the way to change the order of my kanban boards. Any suggestion! :grinning:

The columns? They should be drag and droppable, no?

I see.

Not in an IPad. :person_shrugging:t2:

Hm…ya…building on an iPad has limitations for sure.