Kanban Save Order/Sorting

I have a Kanban view of applications submitted by clients, grouped by the status of the application.

I would like to sort the cards within each column by date submitted NEWEST TO OLDEST.

In the ‘Save order’ dropdown, I’m selecting my ‘Date submitted’ column, but there’s no option to reverse it (like in a list view where you can sort by, and have option to reverse order). So I can only sort by oldest to newest.

Is there a solution/workaround to get this working?

The Kanban layout is a bit different from other layouts, since it allows you to drag the cards around and have it in the order that you want. It can be a global order, or a user-specific order.

However, that also means you can not specify a starting sort order for it, or at least not for now, since there’s no mechanism in place to have something like: “If not already sorted by users, use a default sorting logic, else use the users’ sort order.”

The “save order” column will write a string to the destination column, which serves as the “order” that Glide can reference when it needs to load the Kanban layout on the screen. As far as I aware, it doesn’t have any meaningful use for builders.


It would be really handy if a list would allow sorting in THE SAME ORDER as we see on the kanban screen. It feels funny to not be able to sort “by kanban order”. That seems like something that should be inherent to other lists. To have to constantly flip back and forth is annoying. For example, I have a list that shows a bunch of tasks in date/time order. On the kanban screen, I can re-order tasks that are not “daily” or don’t have a specific time. To put all the tasks on the kanban screen makes it unwieldy on a handheld device, and almost as useless on a PC. Even so, if I did allow ordering by all tasks, when I show it in the read-only list, I cannot get it to show in the same order.

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I can save KanBan order (up or down), however it doesn’t save when I move to another column?

See settings

I’ve never used the Kanban, but I see your Group By setting is a Lookup column. If you are expecting the group to change when you drag the card, it’s not going to happen because you can’t change the value in a lookup column as it’s a computed column and not a basic column that holds values.


Add some custom groups using the “+ Add Item”… the first one will be ‘uncategorized’ and blank to catch the empty ones.

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I noticed that this worked, not sure why? But it worked :wink:

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