It says "Chat ID" where I want people to type their messages

When you send a private message in my app, the field where you’re supposed to write your message says “Chat ID”. I’d prefer it say “Message”, or “Write Message”. I can’t just change the name of my Chat ID column to “Messages” and have it still perform the same function, can I?

Well, if the column that the component is supposed to contain a chat ID, then I assume you don’t want to put the message in there. If it’s pointing to the correct column but you want it to say Message instead, then just change the title of the component. You don’t have to rename the column heading to change the title.

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User input is going to “chat latest comment” which, I think, is right. Unique Identifier goes to “chat ID”. The messages aren’t going to the Chat ID column, they’re going to the Chat Latest Comment column. I would expect it to say “Chat Latest Comment”, but it doesn’t. If it did, I think, I could just change the name of the column to “Enter message” or something. Does that make sense? If it does, do you know why it isn’t working like that? If not, do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Have you tried changing the component title like I mentioned above?

How is it a component? It’s just a column, and a destination. I can’t change the name of the destination. The only thing I could possibly change would be the name of the column. But the column is performing the proper function. If I change the name of the column, won’t that mess up it’s function?

In your screenshot, you’re showing a text input to the Latest chat column. Is that component title “Chat ID”?

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Every object on the screen is a component. Just change the title if you want a different title.

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I got it! Thank you!


I guess it WAS a component!lol Thank you.

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What about the fact that when you send a message, it sends it fine, but it takes you to an SMS page? When you send a message on your phone, it takes you to your phone’s text messenger. I’d prefer that it just go back to the profile.

Are you trying to send an SMS message? If not, I’m guessing you have an action set to send an SMS message that you can just remove.

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Do you think it’s going there because I don’t have a default value?

I think it’s going there because you have a send SMS message action set on submit of the form.

Where would I go to change the submit action?


Thank you so much! :grin: