Issues With Syncing In Google Sheets - Importrange Function

I have a sheet that’s using the importrange function. The data and the function in google sheets itself is working fine but stops syncing with glide periodically. When I hit the refresh button glide gives me an error to the effect of ‘some columns are missing. remove and sync?’. All I do is say yes to this error and then everything is fine. Issue is I have to do this weekly or every few days.

Is anyone else having this issue? It seems like a Glide glitch to me.

Make sure your headers are static. If the headers are coming from the formula and glide happens to be syncing at the moment that the sheet is reloading, then it’s going to see it as an empty sheet. Manually put in the headers, then put your formula on row 2 and have it grab data minus the headers.


Are you using the Pro plan? if not, then it won’t sync

Ah! Makes sense. Thankyou!

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