Glide Data Disappeared Twice-Wondering why?

This has now happened two days in row, so i assume there is some limitations to Glide and importhtml.

I had the following: An auto refreshing (script enabled) importhtml function.

I then have it related to another sheet (along with others).Then it is related to another sheet with lookups etc.

I have a Number of lookups, and they all just disappear. However, the other columns and relations don’t. THese are just the ones specific to my updated sheet (google sheets).

Is anyone aware of these issues? I dont want to put in these AGAIN, and have it disappear, however, I am dumbfounded how or why it is happening?

Any thoughts, or workarounds would be appreciated.

What type of data does your IMPORTHTML function get back?

Is the IMPORTHTML causing your column headers to change or change their order?

no - not the order nor the name. the script removes and replaces the importhtml so it refreshes.

as for the type of data - just text…and numbers including negative numbers

should i import range from that sheet?
and when it refreshes - maybe it wont delete every relation?
it works for a bit, but then it stops.

Glide writes metadata into your sheet columns to track them, your script may be deleting that when it replaces them.

mmm - ok. so now what?

I have found that if headings are part of an import, you can have issues with glide losing track of the columns. To get around that I restructured my sheet to have permanent headings, and move the import to the second row in the sheet. If the import still brings in headings to the second row, you can simply ignore that row with a filter.

THANK YOU! thats what i was looking for…appreciate it. 1) the filter being in the actual google sheet correct? not in the glide editor?

  1. would importrange work be a decent workaround? or probably suffer the same issues.


As long as you don’t touch the header I think that’s fine. He means the filter in Glide where you filter out the header I think.

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Yes, what @ThinhDinh said. My case was when I used ImportRange, but should be the same concept. I was able to skip grabbing the headers from the other sheet by changing the range used in ImportRange, but I’m not sure if you can avoid that with ImportHTML.

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