Issues with my Booking Request app with different packages

Hello everyone. I am Nabil and I am Product Designer. So I have been trying to build this app that basically lists 3 packages and the user selects a package and submits a booking request for that service

Now when the user does that (using the Forms feature), it sends me the the customer’s booking information but there is NO WAY to see which package the user selected. Having a selector is an option but that defeats the purpose of listing all the packages on the home screen. I want the user to see what exactly they are sending the booking request for so the price and package information MUST be visible to the user during the booking process.

I did do this with Zapier, where it sends me an email with the information, but I am trying to see if there is a way without Zapier.

Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.


I didn’t see a form button on your app, but if I missed it, are you using the column value components to automatically include details about the package in the form submission?

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As Jeff said, using a form button in each of your packages detailed view, use a columns component to take the package name to write that to a column in your Sheet. That should do it.


Ya I removed the form button for now. I haven’t tried the column component yet. Let me give it a try and I will get back to you.

IT WORKED!! Thank you.


Thank you so much Jeff!

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