Form submissions & SMTP

Hi, I’m working on a listing directory whereby potential guests can send hosts a request to book using a form component.

I have a dedicated sheet containing all listing data including the email for the host and have set it up to work so that the submissions successfully arrive in a separate designated sheet called ‘Booking Requests’.

However, the problem I’m trying to find a solution for is how to send the submission to the host?

I can’t work out how to automatically capture the host’s email into the Booking Request sheet.

I realise Glide doesn’t enable us to bring our own SMTP (we usually use Postmark), so the plan is to hook up Zapier to trigger whenever a submission is added to the Sheet and construct and send an email to the host.

I just can’t work out how to capture the email from a different sheet relating to the booking request.

Has anyone tried something similar?

I’m confused… who is the host? The user? Or the app owner?

You can use Column Values to get the host email from within the listing and the User’s Email Special Value to get the signed in user’s email address. You can write those values to the sheet.


@eltintero: The user who owns the listing that guests are enquiring about.

@Jeff_Hager: thank you for this solution, deeply appreciated!

I was taking the wrong approach and this has now unblocked my thinking.

Now I can move on and hook up Zapier to distribute the submissions.

It would be great if we could add our credentials to our favourite SMTP provider from within Glide to handle outgoing emails, but that’s wishful thinking right now.

Again, thank you!

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