Issues syncing btw Airtable & Glide

Hey everyone !

I was super excited to discover the new integration between Glide and Airtable.

Actually, I tried to build a simple prototype to learn how does Glide behave with this new data source (Airtable). It is a simple ordering app for a bakery, I have 3 tabs : one for the items, one for the orders, and one for a cart. It took me time to understand that I needed to redo certain relations but after that a real issue happened.

When I create a new order and add some items to my cart, Glide (or Airtable, I don’t know) automatically delete my new records. The only work-around I found was to create a new Glide tab just for the cart.

Do you know where does this issue come from ? How to fix it ? Is it something that will happen often using Glide with Airtable ?

Thank you very much for your help !

PS : I can send some pictures/ links of the project if needed.

If you can reproduce the bug in a video, please submit it here.

Hey @ThinhDinh ,

Thank you for your quick reply. I have just sent a request on the link you gave me.
I hope that I will have some support as soon as possible. If more informations are needed I am down to give them.

Thanks !

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