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Hi Glide Community,

I’m currently working on an automation project where I want to send SMS notifications to users who have pending events in my Glide app. I’m using (formerly Integromat) to integrate with Glide and Twilio for sending the SMS messages.

Here is my setup:

  1. I have a Glide table with user information, including phone numbers and a Rollup column that calculates the number of pending events.
  2. I want to check every 48 hours if users have pending events (i.e., the Rollup column value is greater than 0).
  3. If there are pending events, an SMS should be sent to the user using Twilio.

The problem:

  • When fetching data from Glide using, the Rollup column data is not visible. Only basic fields and some other data types are being retrieved, but not the calculated Rollup values.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Verified that the Rollup column is correctly set up and displaying the expected values in Glide.
  2. Tried using the Array Aggregator in to process multiple rows of data, but the issue persists as the Rollup data is not being fetched.
  3. Considered using webhooks, but I prefer a fully automated solution that doesn’t require manual triggers.

My goal: I want to set up a scenario in that:

  1. Runs every 48 hours.
  2. Fetches data from Glide, including the Rollup column values.
  3. Filters users with pending events (Rollup value > 0).
  4. Sends an SMS notification to these users via Twilio.

Any suggestions on how to properly retrieve Rollup data from Glide in or alternative methods to achieve this automated workflow would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

Computed columns are not available via the API, which includes the Make integration.

To do what you want you would either need to:

  • fetch all the non-computed data that’s required and replicate the rollup calculation outside of Glide (assuming your data source is native tables, this would require a Business plan or better)
  • or find a way in your App flow to regularly write the computed rollup values to a non-computed column through an action (this of course requires user interaction)

Glide are currently working on enhanced automations, so what you want will probably be a lot easier in the not too distant future.


Thanks for the feedback,

I will solve my problem temporarily by using an action button. Hoping to be able to automate it really soon when updates are done.

Thank you!

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