Issue with changing User source from Googlesheet to Glide Table

My users information started with Googlesheets (GS) and I am migrating to Glide table (GT). I am on Pro App using privacy setting of “Privacy with email”. The app has been working well until I made the change from GS to GT. I notice that for new registrations, the App:logins record is capturing the email correctly but it is not transferring that to the GT (last time it transfer to GS with no problem). I also noticed that checking of User Agreement is not being captured correctly.

I have set the sheet source to be the GT. Is it that we cannot set the source sheet to GT for now?
Appreciate suggestions please.

I think I found out the reason. When we first login, the system will push the email to the glide table. If I delete this email from the Glide Table, and I login in a second time, the system will “recognise” that it has already sent the email before and won’t do it again. I get around by manually re-keying in the user email and able to continue with registration process.
Is this a little bug? @david