Issue with accessing site - potentially redirect issue

Users are getting in touch to say they are having issues accessing my site and

Attached is a screenshot sent by a user

Created by a glide expert and

the domain was purchased via Europe Registry

Testing from Singapore:

Have there been any changes made recently to your Custom Domain and/or DNS configuration?

A glide expert tried to help with this on Wednesday. But users still reporting issues:

Ah, that’s Bob. Best you get in touch with him - he will be able to escalate to Glide Support if necessary.

cc: @Robert_Petitto

Thanks Darren, have spoken to Bob and he’s tried to help. Also spoken to Santiago from Glide who directed me to this forum to try and get some help

Okay, I’m chatting with Bob on the side. Will see if I can help.

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Hi Darren, wondering if you managed to find the issue? I appreciate you looking into this


Getting errors on both links here, from Vietnam.

I’m afraid not. From what I saw in the Loom that you shared, and other info that Bob shared, I don’t see anything obviously wrong. My suspicion is that there might be one or more rogue DNS zone records present that are getting in the way, but I can’t say that for sure. I suggested to Bob last night that the next step could be to escalate to your hosting provider, but apparently that’s already been done and they deflected to Glide?

If it was me, and I wasn’t able to figure it out myself, and I wasn’t getting any support from the provider, then I’d probably consider taking my business elsewhere, ie. switching to another provider.

Thank you Darren. I will look to switch to another provider. Sorry to ask but I am no good with IT (hence why I pay glide to help), When you say change provider? Do you mean Glide or Europe Registry?

I have no idea how this would work to keep my site and current users active.


I meant Europe Registry :slight_smile:

If you want a recommendation, I would recommend Google Domains. Very easy to manage, and doing what you want ( => is trivial to setup (no extra DNS records required, just a simple website redirect).

Switching over is not that difficult. Google gives you step by step instructions for transferring an existing domain.

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Thanks Darren and @Robert_Petitto - I will speak to Europe Registry 1 more time and if they can’t help try and switch to Google Domains.

I received another user message today with the attached screenshot :frowning:

hi @Darren_Murphy / @Robert_Petitto Europe Registry said:

“the domain DNS is not pointing to our hosting IP address directly. In this case we cant advise what the issue is” and sent the attached picture

They said ‘your DNS are pointing to Please contact your hosting provider’


From Europe Registry: “In the DNS everything is fine so there might be routing issues to your web server. Unfortunately there is nothing further we can do from here. Your web host really needs to help you here (including with what the users like you that can’t connect to the site need to test to see what the issue is from their networks)”

Very frustrating as I am just being sign posted back and fourth from Glide and Europe Registry :frowning:

This confuses me. Glide is hosting the app, not Europeanregistry. So why would we point anything to THEIR hosting IP address?

If it’s confusing you Bob then you can imagine how lost I am :sweat_smile: I’m just a Soccer Coach trying to share ideas to make the sport fun for kids! This is all way beyond my understanding

I think what the problem was is that you had originally wanted users to access the site from an older URL ( so your provider created DNS Redirect to make it happen? However, this is causing issues with www . Also, not sure why users can’t access directly. In the States, I have no issue accessing that site. Do they need to clear the cache on their end? I think clearing your DNS records and starting from scratch might be in the cards. I can attempt to reach out to the registry one last time though to make sure.

Thanks Bob - appreciate you looking into this

More messages and screenshots sent today. Would you recommend changing the host provider? To Google Domains as @Darren_Murphy suggested? I’m assuming I can keep as the website name as this is pretty important. Need to do something soon as I’m losing a lot of users and the reputation of the site is being tarnished.