Issue since Dec 22: Glide Table Slow Sync with Google Sheet

Dear Community and Support

Recently our apps is having a lot of issues with the synchronization with Google sheet.

We have set the next running serial number and glide is able to capture this number to be sent to a webhook:

We have delay the workflow for 5 mins:

But still when we do a search in Google Sheet, the serial number is not found. And this lead to other new rows not able to get the serial number

Initially we have thought glide roll up may not able to pick up the next serial number but then, the sheet has only 2000 records, and webhook is able to get the correct number.

IT works well last year, but the frequency of this issue is increasing and after last few days of observation, we suspect the synchronization could be the issue.

Any good advice how we can enhance the performance ? Thanks.

That’s weird. Do you think it’s the same issue we faced with Glide Tables in the vet team the other day @eltintero ?

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I think that in our case the issue was with a computed column, but definitely it sounds kind of similar… I would submit a ticket for Glide support for their engineering team to look at

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Hi Thanks for the prompt reply.

Set_Can ID Column is a template column. Hope this helps.

Right now we have use an additional route to update google sheet cell before Glide can resolve this issue.