Is this possible on this platform

I want to build an app that allows my users to see and edit a few things.

For example.

lets say I have 10 Computers which are being used by different users and need to track how long each user is using each computer and give notifications when users time has expired at each computer. I also want to create a log of how long each user uses each computer during each event. Furthermore, each user and each computer is possible of using and being used multiple times during the day. So User A can sit at Computer A more than one time during the day as well as Other Computers.

So while the input of these time events is taking place, I also need to have a screen that shows which computer has which user at it in running time.

I currently have this built out in Google Sheets so if anyone needs to see the running sheet app, I can share a link.

Hey Jason!
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Sounds like a checkin, checkout system, almost like a library.

Apart from sending notifications when a users time has expired, everything is pretty straight-forward.

You need a list of users, a list of computers, and a list of sessions (user, computer, start time, end time).

Hope this helps.


I guess I just need to learn how components work better.